the park

Soon we will break ground in the New Orleans area for our ultimate dream - an art sculpture park which recreates artists' visions of the city of Atlantis. The park will have quadrants - one with an Egyptian theme (my Atlantis :: pyramids), one depicting the fall of Atlantis into the sea (my Atlantis :: ocean), the third expressing the theory that Atlantis was consumed by the Amazon rainforest (my Atlantis :: jungle), and the fourth, a whimsical land filled with bright colors where children can laugh and play (my Atlantis :: lollipop land). We have been busily scouting land and will be making that purchase soon! In the meantime, we have several apartments available in New Orleans for visiting guest artists to stay in while adding their contribution to the park.

if you are interested in "my Atlantis - the park" (support / participation / general interest), please contact us to get on the mailing list.