St. Luke's Hospital Mural Project

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We have completed the main production and installation phase for the mural project donation to St. Luke's Hospital in the Mission District of San Francisco. We are now fabricating custom dedication tiles to create a border for the mosaic as a fundraiser for the project. Please join us for a reception to dedicate the mural on November 29th, from 5pm to 8pm in the Monteagle Building Atrium at St. Luke's Hospital.

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November 5, 2005 :: No time to write in the past four months, too busy working on this mural. It's up! Check it out!
July 17, 2005
:: Julia along with one of our volunteers, Teresa Taylor, presented the final design to the residents of the Subacute unit at St. Luke's Hospital. The design has been blown up and is approximately 225 square feet! We are now in full production mode!
July 5, 2005
:: Julia met with the CFO of St. Luke's to present the design, the tile samples, and the mosaic sample board. We plan to gather with the patients and several doctors in the atrium next week to further refine the overall design of the mural. We offer a generous 'thank you' to Grace D'Anca, the Volunteer Services Manager, for helping to coordinate our efforts!
June 21, 2005 :: Julia met with the patients at St. Luke's today. They would like to do a rainforest theme and somehow tie in imagery signifying the diversity of the hospital, its staff, and its patients - such as brightly colored flowers native to the countries they are from. It will be a bit fantastical, with fish swimming through the flowers and vines. We'll add some old greek vases to signify the 'Atlantis' side of things. This promises to be a very colorful and vibrant mural!